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The Carnival of the Capitalists

May 21, 2006 at 6:53 pm by Will Crawford in MBA | 29 Comments

Welcome to the May 22nd Edition of the The Carnival of the Capitalists! For those visitors to the site who aren’t familiar, the the CoTC is a weekly roving roundup of the best business, investing and career management posts in the blogosphere, as nominated by the authors. Anyone blogging on business topics is eligible to participate. See the web site for more information.

For those who know the carnival but don’t know this blog, The Integrative Stream is a collection of short articles, links and general pondering from the perspective someone who’s been an independent consultant, CTO of a small software company and writer on technology issues, and is now in the middle of an MBA at MIT Sloan, on the principle of better late than never.

It’s been a lot of fun editing this week’s submissions. As per usual, most of the submitted posts have made the carnival. However, I did drop some posts which I felt lacked substantial original. A few blogs submitted every post for the week, and those got ignored too. For blogs which submitted too posts, I went with the one I found more interesting. The themes for the week seem to be international business ethics and network neutrality.

An Editor’s Choice doesn’t necessarily mean that I agree with the argument; but it does indicate that I respect the research and thought that went into the post and had some fun thinking about the issues. You might too.

Thanks for visiting, and don’t forget to check out next week’s host, Working Solo.

The Philosophy of Business


  • Professor Steve Bainbridge takes an anthropological approach to Meetings and Dominance Rituals: Implications for Corporate Governance at I was motivated to try to apply his analysis at my next meeting, so this one warrants an Editor’s Choice.
  • In Predictably Unpredictable, Carmine Coyote of Slow Leadership takes a crack at the difficult issue of models. Computers make it easier than ever to gather vast quantities of information, but how much data is too much data?
  • Michael Wade of ExecuPundit makes a case for why organizations need mavericks. A nice reality check if you get too worried about the occasional prima donna in the cubical farm.
  • David Maister brings us Why Should I Help You? at Passion, People and Principles. It’s hard to be a supplicant, but most people can do a better job of it than they currently manage. Editor’s Choice.
  • K T Cat at The Scratching Post suggests thinking about Process Improvement As a Current Liability. He (apparently, the author is a black and white tabby cat) is focusing on large-scale, corporate projects. It’s important to differentiate process improvement activities from process overhead, which can also be thought of as a current liability. What looks like overhead today can save your bacon tomorrow.
  • A century ago, Frank Woolworth resorted to selling hammers disassembled — the head and handle separate — to maintain his promise that everything in the store was five or ten cents. From 1903 to 1970 Hershey shrank its chocolate bars 12 times to avoid crossing its own nickel price barriers as costs increased. What did they have in common? Constant values. Bob Pritchett suggests avoiding them, whether in software of strategy.

Public Policy

Career and Employment

Business of Technology

Personal Finance & Personal Business

Impersonal Finance


Sales and Advertising

Office Life

  • The oft-amusing Big Picture Guy at Big Picture, Small Office asks why financial summaries have to boring in The Long and Short of It. I’ve sat through a few of these. It’s also worth noting that BPG got this submission in right at the 3:00 cutoff for Blog posts. Why bother with leftover time before the deadline?


  1. Nice Carnival, Will!

    Comment by Rebecca — May 21, 2006 #

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  3. Wow!! We sure do have a lot of posts listed on there!

    Looks like I’ve got some reading to do!

    Thanks for hosting!

    Comment by Todd — May 22, 2006 #

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    Terrific job! That’s a LOT of posts to go thru, and then to organize.

    Thanks for hosting this week!

    Comment by hgstern — May 22, 2006 #

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  13. Nice job on the Carnival. Always a wealth of information. I particularly like the way certain posts are flagged by the editor (I know all Carnivals don’t do this). Whether you’re agreeing with the arguments made or not (as you point out, Will) it’s nice to have someone take the time, and point out what s/he thought was best.

    Comment by Ben Yoskovitz — May 22, 2006 #

  14. Appreciate the hosting, and I hope my post was helpful!
    What do you guys think of the blending of Google Adsense ads with content? Is there an ethical validation?

    Comment by Centrerion Canadian Politics — May 22, 2006 #

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